Fueled by passion and a wealth of experience, Kayne Tremills’ ability to tackle both scripted and non-scripted entertainment has made him one of today’s most sought after talents.

Prior to taking the lead role in the multi-cam comedy series “Oh Yuck!” — Produced and Distributed by U.S company Kabillion and Joovie entertainment -  bringing life to the witty and wild Dr. Septico Yuck — Kayne hosted a live, unscripted broadcast in the YouTube Space LA for Live Nation and the BBC.

Kayne also led three seasons as the face of the award-winning kids’ TV show “Bushwacked!” — now broadcast in more than 40 countries worldwide — and worked as an ensemble cast member and field producer for Channel 7's “Weekender” series.

Kayne’s television journey got its roaring start a decade ago: After arriving on Aussie TV screens in Channel 31’s live music show “1700” in 2008, Kayne immediately jumped to lead host of the channel ABC3 shortly after, snapping up the presenter role on ABC3’s flagship show “Studio 3”, interviewing some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, Russell Brand and Justin Bieber.

Following this early success, Kayne pushed himself and his work further. He traveled internationally to shoot two seasons of the medieval-themed gameshow “Splatalot”, explored polar extremes in the standalone special “Antarctica: Secrets from the Giant Freezer”, and used his passion and qualifications as a youth worker to develop and present two seasons of the issues-based “My Great Big Adventure” on ABC.

As a lead — as well as guest star on programs including “The New Inventors”, “Tractor Monkeys”, “Good Game SP”, “Prank Patrol”, “You're Skitting Me”, “Mental As: Saturday Night Crack Up”, and “Catalyst” — Kayne has brought his energy, positivity and unique style to an audience of millions.

When he’s not in front of the camera, Kayne lends his talents to major live events. With a long and growing list of MC work, and glowing references to match, Kayne has been the face of large-scale productions, including “School Spectacular” alongside John Foreman and Joe and Caspar's “Hit the Road” tour, as well as nation-wide New Year’s Eve fireworks coverage for the ABC.

A gifted and versatile performer, with in-depth voiceover and improv experience to boot, Kayne continues to dedicate himself to projects that help shape the world in exciting, constructive, and grin-filling ways.